All you need to know

Welcome to Forbidden Island 2022: a hardcore holiday on the beautiful Island of Pag in Croatia. Our team has put this information together in order for you to have a carefree and safe holiday. You will find all about wristband exchange, accommodation check in, where to go for boat parties, currency exchange, official merchandise, getting around the island and more. Please read this, it will save you a lot of headaches.



The climate in Novalja during September can be summarized as warm and damp. September is in the fall / autumn in Novalja and is typically the 4th warmest month of the year. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a comfortable 24°C (75°F), whilst at night 14°C (57°F) is normal.

Please ensure you drink plenty of fluids, apply plenty of sunscreen, bring sunglasses and perhaps a snapback to protect you from the sun.

So what to wear in September? Visitors traveling to Novalja might want to wear dresses, tops, T-shirts and skirts made of cotton or linen. Shorts for men made of cotton or linen are good options for staying cool on a hot day. A light jacket during the evening or a light hoodie would be advised.


The Croatian official currency is the Kuna. You will find that you can pay in some places – private accommodation, taxis – in Euros. Do note that this is entirely on an unofficial basis; the Euro is NOT yet the official currency and NO business/individual is required to accept them as payment.

ATMs are available on the whole island, especially in Novalja. This really is one of the easiest ways of obtaining money in Croatia but not always the cheapest! The cheapest way to exchange your money is going straight to any bank in the city!

You can pay by card in the venues. In larger shops (supermarkets, drugstores/pharmacies, souvenir shops) cards are readily accepted. Paying by card in a hotel is also very straightforward. More established restaurants in Novalja city should also accept cards. The smaller towns on the island are less likely to accept cards, therefore always a good idea to have some cash to hand.

Tolls can be paid by card, as can entrance tickets to the national parks. Transport (bus, train, ferry tickets) can be paid for by card; in many cases, these tickets can be bought online before travel.


The minimum required age to attend Forbidden Island 2022 is 18+. You may be asked to provide identification proving your age. Please bring valid proof of identification with you so that you do not risk being refused entry. Valid proof of identification includes a driving license, valid passport or identity card.


Croatia in general has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. This is also heavily enforced by the local authorities (also in the form of undercover activities). Therefore no form of soft and/or hard drug is permitted which means marijuana and hash are also prohibited. When you drink alcohol please be mindful and exercise caution. Remember to celebrate safely!


TICKET OFFICES – You can exchange your  Festival Ticket, Day Ticket & Boat Party Ticket vouchers for wristbands at one of the following places. IMPORTANT: Boat Bracelets also need to be picked up Monday at Kalypso!


Working dates & hours:
5th September from 12:00 till 02:00
6th September from 22:00 till 01:00
7th September from 22:00 till 01:00


Working dates & hours:
8th September from 22:00 till 01:00




Ventus Travel Agency
Škopaljska 57
53291 Novalja
Check in open from 15:00


Noa Glamping Resort
Katarelac b.b.
23251 Kolan
Check in open from 15:00


Hotel Olea
Burin Bok b.b.
53291 Novalja
Check in open from 15:00

CHECK-IN works 0-24, but keep in mind the earliest check in is not before 15:00. If you need to check in later than 22:00 in the apartments, please call this number +385 95 7328 532 15-20 minutes prior to your arrival. 

It’s necessary to pay a security deposit at the check-in and in case everything goes smoothly during check-out, the amount you paid will be returned. Amount of deposit varies depending on the type of accommodation (150€-500€). Each accommodation property has its own house rules, so please make sure to read them.



5th September (16-19) Frenchcore Familia boat party – Noa Club
8th September (16-19) BKJN vs Partyraiser boat party – Noa Club

Arriving at the boat
Please arrive at the NOA CLUB at least 30-45 minutes prior to boarding! There will be a staff member that will direct you towards the boarding point. The boat will depart on time and will not wait on anyone who has arrived too late. Anyone who misses the departure will not receive a refund. In the case of possible no-shows, you can purchase your boat party ticket on the spot (in cash only!). 

Boarding the boat
The boarding will start 30 minutes prior to the start of the boat party. Make sure you have your appropriate Boat party wristband to show at the entrance (Don’t use it until the day of your Boat party as it will otherwise get damaged). There will be a security check prior to boarding. Bringing your own food and beverages on board is not allowed!

The party
Once everyone has hopped on board, we’ll set sail to the open sea. The music can start only once the boat is far enough away from the coast. As the hard beats are pounding we’ll be cruising next to Pag Island and beautiful islands around it. All boat parties last no less than 3h and include about 0,5h of jumping into the crystal clear sea! For jumping into the water, please follow the instructions of the boat staff and avoid potential issues with the boat security team (the instructions are for your own safety and the  safety of others!)!. Please consider the environment and also don’t throw any plastic into the crystal clear waters of Croatia!


Official Forbidden Island Merchandise will be available at the gift shop of the Kalypso Club. We have prepared amazing stuff for this year, that include t-shirts, tank tops, snapbacks, beach bags… 


Be sure to check out all the venues: Kalypso, Papaya, Noa and Nomad all located on the amazing Zrće Beach. This picturesque 1km-long cove, with a pebble beach and a great view of the mainland mountains offers a great clubbing experience.

Payments at the Festival Venues

You will be able to pay cash (Croatian Kuna – HRK) or bank/credit/debit card. 


There are ATMs at the festival venue – if needed, ask for directions at our Ticketing offices. There are also plenty of ATM’s in every accommodation area. But our advice is to change your money in Novalja city banks.

First aid & Emergency

First Aid is available upon calling and they will assist you in the shortest possible time. The nearest ambulance is located a few minutes away from the club. In the case of an emergency, try to find Forbidden Island staff and call 112 immediately.

Eating and drinking

It’s not allowed to take your own food or drink into the Festival Venue. You can get all you need at the venue.


All of them offer separate toilets. VIP visitors will additionally have access to separate less crowded toilets (pool parties don’t have dedicated VIP areas).

Lost & found

Can be found at every entrance of the venues. Our advice is to tag your personal belongings with your name, surname, and an international contact mobile phone number.

Parking at Zrce beach

Zrće Beach offers a big parking place, so no worries there!


Nothing is too far away at Zrce beach but if you don’t feel like walking or want to explore further afield, you have plenty of options.


Taxis are readily available at Zrce beach. It’s easy to hail a taxi in the street or several companies have apps you can download to order your ride.

Although taxis are legally supposed to run on a meter, in practice many do not so make sure you agree on a price before driving away.


A few different companies offer shuttle services in a minivan around Zrce beach. You pay one fee per day for unlimited trips between the beach and your accommodation. 


Public busses operate frequently between Zrce beach and Novalja. Many hotels and other places to stay are directly on the route, so this may be a good option for you. For bus schedules visit


If you have your own or a hired car, please remember there is no tolerance for drunk driving in Croatia. If you are under 25, you must have a 0.0 alcohol reading. Those over 25 can be no higher than 0.05.

There is a large car park at Zrce beach, which costs 40kr for an entire day.


Loud music & Noise
You can do anything you like, as long as you respect the house rules of your accommodation and general rules of conduct in the town of Novalja. The house rules will be given out in print or/and explained upon your arrival to the Check-in point or accommodation. Be aware that breaking house rules, especially playing loud music or producing noise in the late evening, at night or early morning could get you kicked out of your accommodation. The police are also strict and give hefty fines for public disturbance.

Do not throw waste or cigarettes on the ground, and especially not in nature, same goes for any other inflammable objects, such as lighters, spray cans, certain types of cosmetics etc. Due to the unique nature of the environment on Pag, wildfires spread extremely fast.

Take care of yourself
Even though this is a party holiday, so much partying demands a lot more energy than you think. Sleep, eat and drink (non-alcoholic) plenty. The weather can be extremely hot in Croatia. It is important to get enough liquid and salt. Don’t forget to use sunscreen!

Be a good roomie
All accommodations are private. But this does not mean you are the only resident of the property. Some residents may not be visitors of Forbidden Island and don’t want to be disturbed.

Driving between your accommodation area and Zrce beach
Our advice is to use the local bus service to get to the Festival Venue. Driving under the influence of alcohol is strongly prohibited and heavily penalized in Croatia! Use the Bus or Taxis.

Sea urchins & broken glass
The crystal clear waters of Croatia are full of Sea urchins. Stepping on them means their spikes will go directly through your foot. The beach is sadly full of broken glass. Wear footwear and be careful at night. If you happen to step on one, seek help immediately!

Hospitals and clinics are located in larger cities like Zadar, Split and Zagreb while ambulance, first aid clinics and pharmacies are located in Novalja. Foreign tourists with valid health insurance of countries with which Croatia has signed a Social Security Agreement do not pay for emergency medical care during a private stay in the Republic of Croatia if they have a contract providing confirmation of their right to health care. Health care (including transport) is used for emergency cases in the manner and according to the regulations valid for Croatian citizens covered by social security, with identical participation in health care costs. Persons coming from countries with no health care contract or agreement bear all the costs themselves, so it is advisable to opt for travel insurance with a private insurance company.

Please beware that police are strict in Croatia! There is no tolerance for public disturbances, especially destructive or violent behaviour, as well as possession of illegal substances. The police station is open 24/7 and located in the center of Novalja. Address: Braće Radića 9, 53261 Novalja, Croatia. Phone number: +385 53 675 860. For more info visit their website

At every accommodation area (Novalja, Gajac or Stara Novalja), you can find local shops or small markets on almost any corner, but if you are searching for a supermarket, you can visit Hiper Novalis (Monday – Sunday 7:00 – 22:00 near the main Bus station in Novalja), Konzum (Monday – Wednesday 7:00 – 22:00 Thursday – Sunday 7:00 – 21:00 at Sajužnja ulica – edge of Novalja) or Plodine (Monday – Sunday 9:00 – 22:00 near the Novalja Center roundabout).

Grabbing a quick bite or savouring the specialities of the Island of Pag (Pag cheese, lamb, needle macaroni, curd strudel, a variety of fish and seafood dishes, traditional domestic delicacies such as hrostule and fritters), all accommodation areas (Novalja, Gajac or Stara Novalja), as well as Zrce beach offer numerous places to fill yourself up and recover your energy to party once again.  

Unlike shops, you will find a bar on EVERY corner and EVERYWHERE. 🙂 Keep in mind, this is the main summer party destination in Croatia. Clubs and bars are an integral part of it and they will be happy to welcome you and your friends at almost any time of day.